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23 Great Accessories for Your Motorhome Kitchen

Hymer kitchen

The motorhome kitchen is an important space. Choosing exactly what you put into it is very important. These are some of the accessories we have in our motorhome kitchen and some we are looking into getting to make the kitchen more versatile for our needs.
As we spend time in the motorhome and gain more experience we will be in a better position to choose exactly what we need.

This is a list of the most useful things we have come across and maybe will help you decide exactly what you want your kitchen to be like and the functionality it will have.

If you have other recommendations leave them down below.


1.Space-Saving Pans

Pots and pans take up a lot of space. Having a set of pans that will fit into one another is a great thing to have. These Tefal pots fit inside one another and have a separate handle. This allows the whole set to have a very small footprint in the pot locker.

They have glass lids and are of good quality. They are quite light but the bases are thicker to provide a better heat distribution on the pot base.

When you have great items that take up less space, this leaves room for more stuff – yeah!
Have a look here at the Tefal Pots

2. Take a Steamer

I am not talking about your drunk uncle (sorry, Scottish slang – steamer means someone who drinks a lot).

I am talking about a pot with tiers that allows you to cook three veg on the one cooker ring. An amazing invention. We eat a lot of veg so the steamer is essential. It is reasonably space efficient but its ability to cook three things on the one gas burner is invaluable. it is with us on every trip.

When choosing one for the motorhome you want one that is tall and narrow – this will take up less space on the hob and still allow a decent amount of food, Some steamers are a bit shallow and difficult to fit enough veg in. This depends on how many people you are cooking for of course.
Check out the prices here – Steamers

Steamer on hon
Steamer on the motorhome gas hob

3. A Good Set of Knives

This is essential for any kitchen. Just because you are cooking in a motorhome does not mean that you should have rubbish knives. Get a good set of knives and this will help cooking in a confined space to become a joy. If you are not tempted to use them to cut fuel line or use them as tools and keep them sharp they will last for many years.

The only thing I would say about knives is to remember to pack them away when you are on the road. The last thing you want if you have a crash is large kitchen knives flying about.
I like this set of knives but obviously, there are plenty to choose from.


4. Dish towel holder

A place to hang dish towels is always a problem and these hangers take up virtually no space and allow the towels to dry. We have ours at the door so when the door is open the airflow helps to dry them. A good solution for storing dish towels.


5. Draining board / Dish Rack

We used the glass top of the gas hob for a while. This meant that the water from the dishes eventually found its way to the worktop. Not so good. You want to keep the tops as dry as possible. Water will find its way through old seals and can cause major damage to the worktop. The water will cause delamination which is very difficult to fix.

We got this draining board which works very well. The water goes back into the sink where it belongs and it folds down. It is a bit large and if there are only two of you it will be overkill. But it works well for four – we get through a lot of dishes.

Draining board
Draining board / dish rack for letting the dishes drip dry


6. Plug in electric hob

Essential if you visit a lot of campsites. This will help you cut down in gas use and also gives you an extra cooking ring if you are cooking a feast. You can boil the kettle if you don’t have a little electric one. It is a good addition to the motorhome kitchen and will save the gas when you are on hookup.

I got an induction hob for the motorhome. They are a bit lighter, don’t get super hot and start heating the pot almost instantly. The only problem with the induction hobs, your pots have to be magnetic to work. So make sure you have at least one magnetic pot with you or just get a normal hob.


7. Get a Decent Bin for the Motorhome

The bin problem. The bin is always a problem and we have tried locating bags and bins in various locations and we always found the bin a problem. Once there was any rubbish it would always be around the door restricting access to and from the motorhome.

Then we found this bin from Fiamma. Such a great idea. It is fitted on the outside of the motorhome and attaches to two clips for when you are parked up so the bin takes up no internal space. When you want to move you just unclip it and hang it inside.
This is by far the best bin solution I have seen so far..


8. Spice Rack

Have a well-stocked spice rack. Having herbs and spices on your trip will make your meals divine. The only problem is herbs and spices are a pain to store and keep track of. Get a spice rack big enough for yours and you don’t have to fumble through lockers trying to find the jar that got away.

The problem is that a spice rack can be a pain when on the road. We use a lot of spices and usually just throw them in a food locker when travelling. A spice rack is difficult to place in the motorhome so I have not permanently fitted one yet.

There are other options that I have been exploring as an alternative to a traditional spice rack. One of the options I am exploring is these spice containers. They have a magnetic bottom to them so could be stuck onto a metal plate.


9. Fit a Nice tap

Not really an essential but was for us as the kitchen tap was wrecked. Motorhome taps don’t last forever as we found out to our expense. The one we had was a very cheap version of a tap and we could hardly get the kettle under there to fill it. The problem with motorhome taps is they usually have a microswitch built into the tap for switching the water pump on. This restricts the type of tap you can choose and generally, they are quite pricey.

After a lot of research, we finally found this tap that is a microswitch tap which is a Reich Trends S mixer tap. It is not one of the most expensive taps available but not the cheapest. It does, however, look great and is very functional. We love it. If you get one just make sure you have enough height clearance for it.

Hymer kitchen tap
New tap. Very easy to use, a great addition to our kitchen.

10. Hot water Flask

A vacuum flask with the push button top is an ideal motorhome kitchen accessory. It saves money by helping you use less gas. No more constant boiling of the kettle. Just fill the kettle to the max, fill the flask and you will have hot water all day. As the flask has a push button to release the water you don’t even lose heat by opening the flask. It’s great. And if you are going for a picnic in the cooler weather take it along and have hot drinks. We love our flask it gets well used.


11. Cadac or a Cob

The Cadac is a gas powered barbecue style cooker. It’s not just a barbeque, it can do many different things including frying, roasting barbecue to name a few.

The Cadac runs on gas, heats quickly and is useful for most types of cooking. You can even cook pizza in it.

For us the ability to use it as a barbeque or a massive frying pan is attractive. Would probably use it as an oven set up as well to bake various foods or have a roast. The problem with the Cadac is the more you want it to do the more parts you will need. So, if you want the full monty it can be quite expensive.  Check the Cadac costs.


If you don’t like the Cadac there is the Cobb which uses various fuels to heat your food. This makes it a bit more mobile and very cheap to run. With just a few barbeque briquettes it is possible to cook a whole meal. Not quite as versatile as the Cadac but it is an interesting option.

Check out the Cobb prices.


12. Remoska

A Remoska looks like a pot but behaves like an oven. In a lot of motorhomes, there is no oven. We use our oven at home a lot so when we are away sometimes we miss having an oven.

A Remoska is only about 3kg in weight, much lighter than a full oven. It can only be used on hookup or if you have a generator, needing mains power. But once on it uses very little power, they are usually rated at about 500 watts so will draw about 2 amps on mains power.

Although it just looks like a frying pan they are used as an oven. You can bake cakes or roast a chicken.

We don’t have one of these but anyone we have met with one rave about them. Another great item on our to buy list.


13. Non-Slip Matting for the Motorhome Cupboards

This is great for stopping everything sliding around in the lockers. Especially useful for the kitchen area with plates and cups. Essential for travelling quietly without all your kitchen sliding about whenever you brake. This is a cheap solution for dishes and other items moving about in lockers and well worth the investment.

There are quite a few mats to choose from. Check out the prices of matting.


14. Isabella Chair

Not essential for the kitchen but if you enjoy eating outside you may as well do it in comfort and Isabella make some of the most comfortable chairs. They are not cheap but if you like comfort these are great. Just make sure you can get it in a locker before you buy.


15. Cafetiere – or Coffee Pot

Having some fresh coffee while on holiday is essential. This is more of a necessity than a luxury. Always make sure you have a good coffee pot with you at all times. We just have a small espresso pot that we like to take. Takes up little room, is light and that makes it a perfect companion on any trip.


16. Collapsible Kettle

There are kettles and there is the collapsible kettle. We bought ours years ago mainly for camping. Once we got the motorhome it was quickly put in there and had been well used ever since. The really great thing is once you collapse it, the kettle takes up almost no space. It is so easy to pack. It’s not a cheap kettle and I was worried about how long it would last. Here we are about 5 years later and it is still functioning perfectly. No splits or tears, still holding water. Perfect.

Would highly recommend – we got the green Outwell Collapsible Kettle

Collapsible Kettle
Collapsible kettle. Works really well for us.
Folded collapsible kettle
Kettle in a folded state.

17. Small electric kettle

For those who do not like to burn the gas while on a campsite and paying for electricity, a small electric kettle will be very useful. Ours is only about 800w and holds about three cups but is perfectly adequate for a quick cuppa.

Now I see that you can get foldable electric kettles – even better.


18. Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker was very common in the 1970s and 1980s. Now I don’t know many people who use one in their home. They seem to have gone out of fashion. The reason they were so popular was for the time they would save. Most things can be cooked very quickly in a pressure cooker saving time and more importantly, energy.

These can be quite large and heavy so only take it if you are going to use it. A lot of people use these in their motorhome regularly. The energy they can save is considerable and they can cook more than one thing at a time.

If I was taking a pressure cooker I would bring it instead of another type of pot – like the steamer.

We don’t use one but worth considering.


19. Collapsible Colander

A colander is a nightmare item to have with you in terms of space they take up. Luckily we got a collapsible one which works really well and even I have to admit, it comes in handy and I am glad we have one. It’s made from the same material as the collapsible kettle and is standing the test of time. This is another item we purchased about 5 years ago and it’s still in service. Granted, it gets used for a few months out of the year but there are still no signs of any wear.

We got an outwell one but there are many more types of collapsible colander to choose from.

Colander collapsible
Folding Colander unfolded
folding colander
Folding Colander in the folded position

20 Collapsible serving bowls

We use these for crisps or will have a salad in them. Being collapsible they don’t take up much space which is ideal in a motorhome, just like all the collapsible options. These are very handy especially when you get a set that will fit into one another when they are folded down. Collapsible bowls

Folding serving bowls
Collapsible serving bowls.
Collapsible bowls and colander
Two bowls and a colander. Take up very little space

21 A Good Set of Cleaning Cloths

Cloths are so handy for everything. I usually have some old ones, just in case I have to go under the bonnet and we also have good ones for use in the kitchen. They microfiber cloths tend to be really good for general cleaning and we always take plenty on our trips away. Just watch the sizes, the cheaper ones tend to be a bit small. I find 40cm x 40cm is a good size.


22 Dish Towels

Dish towels, my old enemy! Although I don’t like used dish towels in the motorhome clean dish towels do come in handy. Obviously, you can use them for drying the dishes at the end of every meal. But, you can also use them for packing up the cupboards. They are very useful for making the lockers quiet. If don’t pack up the lockers properly it can sound like you are in a washing machine full of crockery, dish towels can cut down the noise levels considerably.

So we always have plenty of dish towels.


23 Bamboo dishes

You can use ordinary dishes and we do. But, once the dishes get chipped or broken then I would consider something like bamboo plates. They are tough and lighter than ceramic dishes. They are also biodegradable at the end of their life cycle. That’s why if I needed new dishes I would get bamboo dishes – or something similar.


This is the end of the great things for the motorhome kitchen. I am sure there are plenty of other great things out there that I have missed. If there is leave your favourites below and I will go and get the suspension on the motorhome uprated so we can carry some extra kitchen equipment.


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