Great Games for Motorhome Travel

When on a motorhome holiday it very rarely rains, especially in Scotland, so you are out and about most of the time. On the few days that there is rain it’s a good idea to have some games to play. 

With all of us glued to screens and watching the telly, us adults have forgotten the joy that simple games can bring to a family or group of friends.  When in the motorhome there is no better place to spend quality time with your children and friends. 

Being restricted for space and weight the games we have chosen are light and compact. We have a lot of these games with us on our motorhome trips and love them.

There are affiliate links in the descriptions to make it easy to have a look at the games and read reviews from lots of other people. You don’t have to take my word for it, most of these games are great fun. You may recognise some of them.

Pack of Cards

Playing Cards
Playing cards

This is the ultimate mobile game. There are so many games you can play with a pack of cards and they take up virtually no space.

It’s good to try learning some new games. Most games and their rules can be found easily on the internet.
Some of the games we play are Switch, Scabby Queen, Pontoons, Hearts, Rummy, But the main one for us is Shit head. I don’t know if its due to the name and the kids get to say shit a lot or if it’s just the fact that its a really good game. If you have never heard of it here is
how to play.

For the amount of room they take up and their cost a pack of cards is a no brainer and should be with you on every journey.

Check out the cost of Playing Cards here.



Uno Card Game

Uno is another card game that is very like the playing card game switch. It is a very fun game and can be a good laugh. We have Uno and play it every now and then but it is not as versatile as a pack of cards. As the kids are getting older we find that a plain pack of cards does most things for us. One thing I would say is that Uno is probably better for younger kids where you are matching the colours.

Very reasonably priced game. Check the cost of Uno here.



This little game is highly addictive and mind-bending. All you have to do is match the same shape on your card with the one that is on the table as quickly as you can. Each card has a shape that will match with any other card. It sounds simple and it definitely is simple but you will be amazed just how often you cannot see the matching shape you have on your card and how much of a challenge the game is. 

It can be hilarious when you are all staring at the card in the middle of the table and each player does have a matching symbol but you just can’t see it.

For something so simple it can be a real challenge. This has been a real favourite.

Check the cost of Dobble here.



Bang was introduced to us by a German friend of ours. It’s probably a bit difficult for under 8-year-olds. It can be played with 3-8 players.

Strategy and cunning needed to play this game. The premise is simple. If you are the sheriff you have to round up the bad guys and take them out and if you are the bad guys you try to get the sheriff. The trouble is only the sheriff is known. The sheriff has the difficulty of working out who the bad guys and the good guys are. The bad guys’ job is to deceive the rest of the players.

Another simple-sounding game but with many twists and turns. Can get very exciting and you get to find out who the devious members of your family are. I would say that it works well with about 6 players so you need quite a few people to play it, so we don’t get to play this as often as we would like but when we have guests it can be a great laugh.

Check the cost of Bang here.



Another small but simple game where you do need a bit of skill to play and a lot of luck. We have played this game for hours over the years and still enjoy it. It comes in its own small box and is light and compact. It’s great for youngsters. Another great game for the collection.

The game basically consists of five dice and a set of scorecards. If you have the dice then all you can buy the scorecards. If you have never played it before it will be worth buying the set for the rules until you get used to the game.

Check out the prices of Yahtzee here.


Snakes and ladders

This is another great game. Personally I am not a big fan but the kids absolutely love this game. Nothing better than watching your dad sliding down that giant snake for the 5th time. It just never gets old.
A lot of the snakes and ladders boards will have Ludo on the reverse side, good for killing a few hours.

Check the price of Snakes and Ladders here.


Connect 4

Connect 4
Connect 4 Game. Maybe leave the Lego behind.

Takes up a bit more room than the other games mentioned but this is a real classic. I played this for hours and hours when I was younger and now that I am older I’m still playing it for hours and hours. Still frustrating when you get beat but its one of those games that you have to play just one more time.

I notice there are travel editions now that are a bit more compact than the full game.

Check the Connect 4 prices here.



Backgammon board game
Backgammon board game

A classic for many centuries. This game is quite easy to learn and is a great 2 player game. You can get some quite nice sets that include chess, draughts and backgammon so you get three games in the space of one.

Check out the cost of a Backgammon set here. You can spend an absolute fortune on one of these sets but we find a small travel option is adequate for us. 


Scrabble board game
Scrabble, a classic.

The ultimate word game. This can be a great laugh and will help you increase vocabulary. Scrabble doesn’t use too much space and there is a travel edition that takes up even less space. The only weighty thing required for this game is a weighty dictionary to make sure your fellow players are not making words up.

This is definitely a game for older children and adults, so ours is not used much at the moment – will come back out in a few years.

Check out the cost of Scrabble here.




A box of dominoes can be fun. There are quite a lot of different domino games that can be played with a good set of dominoes. The games range in complexity so can be very good for a wide range of ages

Check out the cost of Dominos.


Some more Unusual Games

These games are quite easy to learn and play – can be great fun and most don’t take up much space. Most for these games are for eight-year-olds and above. These are some of our favourites. You can get more information by clicking the links and see what others are saying about them, well worth a look for those rainy days.


Rummikub – A great game that we will be adding to our collection. It’s for 2 to 4 players 7 years and up.  

Schotten Totten – card game for two players eight years and up. Although only for two players this game is a great laugh

Biblios – This game is for older kids 2 to 4 players age 14 and up. A great card based strategy that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Games to play while travelling

As you will be probably spending a few hours on the move its probably a good idea to have a few things to do while on the road.

I spy 

A classic that never seems to want to die, a real pity, after playing for a few hours you will know what I mean. 


Story CDs or Audiobooks 

These are great to listen to while travelling or in the evening after a hard day’s activities. They are great on long journeys or if you are stuck inside for any length of time. There is something nice about having a story read to you and all you have to do is listen.

This activity will be dependant on the noise level of your motorhome engine. We have found that the audiobook has to be up so loud that it’s almost unbearable to listen to. Check the engine noise first if you intend to listen to audiobooks while driving.

Our favourite is the Harry Potter Set of audiobooks. Long enough for any journey, the only problem is putting them off at the end of the journey.

If we cant get them from the Library then the best alternative at the moment is Audible. I use that for my personal use as well as for the kids.

Check out the cost of Audible.


If there are any games or pastimes that you would like to share please leave them in the comments. This will be very helpful to everyone. We are always on the lookout for more games.