About Classic Motorhome Owner

My name is Paul. I have put together this site.
I have always wanted to own a campervan or motorhome. With our small budget, we bought a quality motorhome with a lot of years under its belt. When you purchase a motorhome there is a steep learning curve, I never realised just how steep. 

Motorhome on Forest drive
Hymer B644 Motorhome

We bought an old Hymer 644 from the year 1990 based on the Fiat Ducato. It has high mileage and had been a bit neglected by a few of the previous owners. It is over 6m long (18feet), It has a rear lounge, can sleep 6 people more easily than expected and goes pretty well. 

The number of things that you have to learn and find out can be completely overwhelming. You have the habitation problems as well as the mechanical problems. But really its all good fun. The benefits outweigh the problems, most of the time.

This site was created to share our experience with you to help you decide if this is what you would like and to try and put together a source of information covering some of the difficulties we have faced and how we got around them. This will hopefully cut out the hours of research and money we put in to find this information.

We are learning every day and by sharing the information hopefully, it will help some of you who are keen to hit the road in one of these amazing vehicles. From this site, I hope to learn from you as well. Everyone has something to share and I will try to leave the site open as possible. 

Even though we have a Hymer most of the information will be relevant for most motorhomes as they tend to have very similar accessories and base vehicles.



  1. Gav and Trudi
    May 28, 2020 @ 07:56

    Hi Paul,
    Great site and lovely to see pics of your old motorhome. So much useful info for older vans here. We have a ’92 VW Cree Autotrail who’s still going strong. Your tips will keep her on the road for a while yet!
    We’ve got a page on our website of vintage vans we’ve seen out and about.
    Keep up the good work and let’s hope we’re all able to get back on the road before long (once this virus situation has settled down).


    • Paul Fabrizio
      May 31, 2020 @ 20:32

      Hi Gav and Trudi
      Your van looks great. It’s amazing how tough these old vans are. Hopefully, we will be back out on the road soon and get to enjoy them.


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